What is Atooi (a-too-ee)?

Hello! My name is Jools Watsham. I have been fortunate enough to develop video games professionally since 1992, contributing the creation of over 30 games that span the spectrum of gaming history from the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System to today’s current Nintendo, Sony, and iOS platforms.

* * *

Retro roots. Modern mojo. Founded in 2015 by Jools Watsham, Atooi is focused on the development of retro inspired games that capture the essence of the past and unite it with the magic of tomorrow. Atooi properties: Mutant Mudds series, Xeodrifter, Bomb Monkey, Treasurenauts, Totes the Goat, and Chicken Wiggle.

You can find me on Twitter @JoolsWatsham



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