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Join Hatch on his exciting quest through a fairytale adventure of epic proportions to rescue his feathered friends from an evil witch in her sky towers. Along for the ride is Hatch’s improbable pal, Wiggle the worm!


Together, this unlikely duo hop, peck, and grapple their way across a myriad of perplexing platforming levels – full of enemies, puzzles, and power-ups.

Unlock tons of content, including "Holly's Nightmare" - a brand new adventure starring Holly and her pal Squiggle. Also featuring additional bonus levels and special playable characters such as Max from Mutant Mudds equipped with his trusty Water Cannon.


Aspiring game designers can hatch their own tales with the user-friendly level creator included with the game. Choose from six different gameplay objectives, including Rescue Friend, Grab the Loot, Remove Meanies, and Lock and Key.

Continue your adventures online with thousands of user created levels and even new official Atooi levels from the design team. Finding friends' levels is made easy with custom search tags.

Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023.

"Hatch Tales" was successfully crowd funded via Kickstarter on April 5, 2018 for release on the Nintendo Switch (previously known as Chicken Wiggle Workshop).

Chicken Wiggle is also available on Nintendo 3DS for $14.99.

Limited Run Games
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