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ORDERING: Toy manufacturing is handled by Fabzat. Fabzat's online store displays a 3D visual representation of the final toy you will receive in your mailbox. Pricing from toy to toy will vary. Pricing of each toy is determined by the materials and labor required to create it. Refer to Fabzat's Online Store as the main reference for accurate pricing and shipping information for your order.

Ordering a toy on Fabzat implies that the users accept Fabzat's terms and conditions.

SHIPPING: Fabzat requires 5 - 7 working days for manufacturing and shipping worldwide. For more precise information regarding the shipping delays or other concerns, please refer to Fabzat's terms and conditions.

RETURNS: All customer inquiries regarding returns should be directed to FabZat. More information on Fabzat's return policy are available in their terms and conditions. You can also contact FabZat directly at their support.

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